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Bernie was a member of Victoria Senior Men's league for several years. He was a great guy, very friendly, and a wonderful story teller.

In this tournament, there are two players per team. Each player plays his own ball and marks strokes on their scorecard in the normal manner. Back at the clubhouse, the Sports Captain will calculate team scores and determine the winners using Stableford scoring.

Scoring System
The Stableford scoring system is used. On each hole, each golfer receives points based on the following chart. He uses the number of strokes taken, reduced by the number of handicap strokes allowed on the hole being played (net score) to determine the Stableford points awarded.

1 point for bogey,
2 points for par,
3 points for birdie,
4 points for eagle,
5 points for double eagle.

The team score will be the total of the two golfers Stableford points.
The highest score for 18 holes wins.

Prizes are awarded to the winning teams. Note that these prizes will be awarded at the year end banquet. Winners should be in attendance at the year end banquet to receive their prize.

Handicap Allocation
Handicap strokes will be allocated according to the handicaps designated on the score card.
For example, if you have a course handicap of 15, you will receive 1 stroke on each of the 15 hardest holes designated 1 to 15 on the score card.  If you have a handicap of 25, you will receive 2 strokes on the 7 hardest holes and 1 stroke on the remaining 11 holes.