This is the year end tournament and is followed by the windup banquet. There is a free roast beef dinner and presentation of prizes for tournament winners throughout the year. 

This tournament has a shotgun start.

General Rules
In this tournament, each team member tees off at each hole. The captain selects the best tee shot and marks the position with a tee. Each member drops his own ball within six inches of the tee peg (not nearer the hole) and plays it. This method of selecting the best of the four shots and allowing all team members to play from that location continues until the hole is completed.

Local Rules
Minimum Number of Drives Used From Each Golfer
Each golfer must contribute 3 drives each.

Sand, Hazard, and Rough.
If the ball selected for play landed in the sand, hazard, or rough, all team members must play the next shot from that sand, hazard, or rough.

Three Man Team
Team members alternate hitting a second ball to make up for the missing player. For example, player A plays a second ball (2 balls) on the first hole. Player B plays a second ball on the second hole, and player C plays a second ball on the 3rd hole. This cycle repeats til the last hole.

Maximum Number of Consecutive Shots Used From the Same Golfer
There is no restriction on maximum number of consecutive shots.

Every team wins a prize.