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Ian Playfair is past President of our league and Jim Davidson is a past Treasurer. Brian Robinson was a long term member that prepared the tee times and originally thought up this tournament.

In this tournament, there are two players per team. It includes 3 six hole games.

Holes 1 to 6 - Scramble
General Rules
Each team member tees off at each of the 6 holes. The captain selects the best tee shot and marks the position (within 6 inches) with a tee peg (not nearer the hole). Both members drops his own ball within six inches of the tee peg (not nearer the hole) and plays it. This method of selecting the best of the four shots and allowing all team members to play from that location continues until the hole is completed.

Holes 7 to 12 - Best Ball
For these 6 holes, normal stroke play scoring is used and each player plays his own ball. The best single gross score is recorded as the team score.

Holes 13-18 - Alternate Shot
For these 6 holes, both players tee off. The preferred shot is chosen and the player whose tee shot was not chosen plays the next shot, The 2 golfers continue alternating shots until the ball is holed.

Handicap Allocation
The team handicap is calculated as the total of the two players handicaps, divided by 2, multiplied by 75%, rounded down to the nearest whole number.

Prizes are awarded to the winning teams. Note that these prizes will be awarded at the year end banquet. Winners should be in attendance at the year end banquet to receive their prize.